Founded in 2017, SME Connect is one of the largest networks advocating for small and mid-sized sector in Europe.

SME Connect serves as both a network and communication platform dedicated to SMEs and their supporters. Open to trade associations, think-tanks, and universities committed to SME-friendly policies, our members, who identify as champions for SMEs, collectively represent over 750,000 freelancers, one-person company owners, and SMEs.

Individual SMEs and large enterprises with a commitment to SME-oriented policymaking can directly join SME Connect. Individual SMEs are affiliated with the European SME Business Club, while large companies are aligned with Friends of SMEs, recognizing SME-oriented policymaking as a cornerstone of sustainable economic policy.

Our members include SME associations, projects, and initiatives across Europe dedicated to championing SME-friendly policies.

Within our network, members represent their unique and independent positions. This fosters collaborative efforts and the articulation of shared positions, all while maintaining the independence of individual activities and interests.

SME Connect maintains a non-political stance while benefiting from guidance provided by a non-profit board comprising representatives from all constructive political groups.