SME Connect
Established in 2017

We are the new network of SMEs and their supporters.
We seek to maximise the impact of SMEs on the EU level

SME Connect is non-political
but advised by a non-profit board of politicians
made up of all constructive political groups

This brings to a joint cooperation
and a representation of common positions
while allowing independence of activities and interests.

SME Connect Board
Reasons to work together
  1. 01We shape a better business environment for SMEs
  2. 02We inform and involve SMEs as well as their
    representatives on the EU Level
Reasons to work together
  1. 03We look together for constructive European solutions
  2. 04We are the network for exchange of ideas, positions, information and knowledge
Reasons to work together
  1. 05We have several platforms for European projects, including EU funds, surveys and more
  2. 06We build bridges to other continents
  3. 07We create visibility for your branch, interests and needs

Our Members are SME Associations,
General Business Associations,
SME Business Projects and SME Initiatives

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Our Event Partner

Our Initiatives

SMEs can equire membership through
the European SME Business Club,
by joining various working groups
and building up B2B networks.

European SME Business Club
Our Initiatives

Corporations, Multinational Companies, Universities, Think Tanks and other interest groups
can become part of the network of SME Connect
via Friends of SMEs

The European SME Business Club and Friends of SMEs are projects that are also meant to a direct exchange between large and small business stakeholders

Friends of SMEs