Making Europe a strong player in the platform economy

For the past two decades, the digital transformation has (re)shaped the European Union, its citizens, and the Single Market. Parts of the analogue life have moved online and the online world has created an ecosystem in continuous evolution. This environment led to the establishment of new ventures, created new business opportunities for SMEs, and opened up new markets, contributing to the advancement and deepening of the Single Market.

Like other historical transformations, e-commerce has impacted and restructured the marketplace. Within this evolution, Europe must enable its SMEs take full advantage of the digital transformation while adjusting its pace and development to global market players. In order to break through the status-quo, upcoming frameworks need to be focused on SMEs. Only by addressing their concerns and barriers to full market access, Europe will fully embrace the potential of the platform economy and ensure future competitiveness

The platform economy within the EU is also facing major challenges. The online sale of counterfeit, dangerous and illegal products is putting consumers at risk and harming legitimate businesses. The infringement of intellectual property devalues the work of artists and content creators. Furthermore, the implementation of measures to counteract the negative impact of the digital transformation by individual Member States is causing a fragmentation of the European Single Market.

This working group aims to bring together SMEs and key stakeholders in order to create a discussion that targets challenges, emphasizes opportunities, fosters a sustainable environment for fair competition and effective consumer protection.



    Member of the European Parliament
    Committee on Internal Market & Consumer Protection
    Committee on Employment & Social Affairs
    Rapporteur on the Digital Services ActParliament


    Member of the European Parliament
    Committee on Industry, Research & Energy
    Committee on Transport & Tourism
    Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age
    Co-chair of the SME Circle in the European Parliament
    ITRE Committee Shadow Rapporteur on the DSA

  • Special Advisor for Platform Economy and Future of Work GLEN HODGSON

    Founder and CEO of the Free Trade Europa think-tank
    Founder of the Freelance Movement