Ukraine’s Accession to the EU Single Market Program: Looking into SME Landscape and the Needs of Entrepreneurs in Ukraine


On February 2nd, Ukraine and the European Union signed an agreement on Ukraineā€™s participation in the Single Market Program. The European Unionā€™s Single Market Program is a financial support initiative of the EU with a budget of 4.2 billion EUR, designed for 7 years (from 2021 to 2027). Ukraineā€™s accession to this program will strengthen…

From Farmer to Consumer:
Rising Prices and the Effects on Production, Nutrition and Health

- Bavarian Representation, Brussels

The food sector, from farmer to retailer, is challenged by the economic transformation, EU regulations, and especially in these times by the energy crisis. With the fact of rising costs of production, also more and more people are trying to save money by reducing costs for their diet. A Development which leads to a tougher…

How do Telecoms Network Fees Impact European SMEs, Consumers and Taxpayers?


In recent months, large telecom operators have been calling for a proposal for large tech companies to pay a fee to telecoms companiesĀ  for their continued operation of broadband to end users. While to some this proposal could be a significant step towards ensuring a level playing field for the wider ecosystem, it also raises…


Sustainable Food Systems in Europe: The Role of SMEs in Addressing Food Security

- European Parliament, Brussels

Current inflation has reached the highest level in the European Union, the USA, and many other countries worldwide. The Russian aggression against Ukraine is putting pressure on high gas and food prices as a result of fragile food systems and the corona-pandemic. Undisputedly, more than ever, sustainable and resilient food systems are needed to counteract…

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