All stakeholders willing to exchange ideas not only “about” but also in cooperation with SMEs are invited to join the network.

Members of Friends of SMEs acknowledge that the pillars of freedom, democracy, growth, and job creation are intertwined with the strength and vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Friends of SMEs actively support the efforts of SMEs to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and foster a business-friendly environment with fair competition.

Friends of SMEs facilitate dialogue between digital platforms and hardware producers with SMEs and their representatives, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their needs. Concurrently, SMEs gain valuable insights into the perspectives of other stakeholders.

Friends of SMEs actively participate in advocating for improved policies and legislation that benefit SMEs and other business groups.

Members of Friends of SMEs include digital platforms and hardware producers actively seeking dialogue with SMEs and their representatives to better understand their needs.

The structure of SME Connect enables Friends of SME members to showcase their SME-related projects and programs, conduct surveys and studies, utilize diverse communication channels, and promote their activities and opinions.