Friends of SMEs
Initiative of SME Connect

Members of FoS recognize
that freedom, democracy, growth and jobs
are related with strong SMEs

FoS consequently support SMEs in their interests
to cut red tapes and to create a more business friendly environment with fair competition

Our Mission

FoS helps digital platforms and
hardware producers to dialogue with SMEs and their
representatives to understand their needs

On the same hand, SMEs learn to have a better understanding of the positions of other stakeholders

FoS takes active part in securing a better policy and legislation for SMEs and other business groups

About the benefits

The structure of SME Connect allows FoS Members to promote
their SME projects and programmes,
to initiate surveys and studies, to use various communication channels, to promote their activities and opinions

Support SMEs and get involved in active discussion
Reasons to work together
  1. 01By supporting SME as a fundament of the European Society and Economy, you show a strong corporate social responsibility
  2. 02Meet SMEs and their representatives for an exchange
  1. 03Learn better SME needs and include them to your
    own position
  2. 04Shape legislation cooperating with SMEs
  3. 05Gain visibility for your SME projects and programmes

Our Members are Corporations, Multinational Companies, Universities, Think Thanks and other interest groups

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