European SME Business Club
Initiative of SME Connect

The European SME Business Club (ESBC)
aims to gradually build up a platform
paving a way to Brussels for SMEs throughout Europe

Our Mission

The club sets out to achieve a better understanding of
the EU, provides a place at the discussion table in Brussels
as well as allows the formation of common interests in opposition to the EU institutions, large enterprises and business associations

ESBC also supports SMEs in networking
and usage of B2B amongst each other

Reasons to work together
  1. 01Meet the EU, national policymakers, national authorities and learn how to address regulatory barriers and shape legal frameworks
  2. 02Stay informed about the upcoming legislation
    and global trade trends
  3. 03Build networks with business stakeholders in Europe and worldwide
  1. 04Learn more about the EU funds and projects
  2. 05Find business partners and create your own Working Groups tailored for your business needs
  3. 06Gain visibility for your business and interests

Our Members are Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Entreprises (up to 250 employees) and Companies
(up to 500 employees)

Reasons to work together

All members follow the principle of the honest merchant:
a cosmopolitan and free-spirited, that commits himself to the observance of values, stands by his word and develops commercial judgment

The “honest merchant” is an example in his actions,
plans his entrepreneurial activities long-term and sustainable, adheres to the principle of good faith

He recognizes and assumes responsibility
for the economic and social order, as well as
responsibility for his own values
in European and International business

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