The European SME Business Club provides a flexible platform for individual SMEs to engage without fixed association structures. It offers a unique opportunity to actively participate in the Brussels environment, fostering collaboration and meaningful connections.

Members of the European SME Business Club include micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises with up to 250 employees, as well as companies with up to 500 employees.

All members adhere to the principle of the “honest merchant,” an age-old European expression symbolizing a commitment to value-oriented trading principles and personal dedication to fair business practices that both respect and contribute to societal well-being.

The European SME Business Club seeks to achieve for its members a better understanding of the EU, secure them a seat at the Brussels discussion table, and articulate shared interests in response to EU institutions, major enterprises, and business associations. Simultaneously, it facilitates SMEs in gaining a deeper understanding of the perspectives held by other stakeholders.

The European SME Business Club additionally facilitates B2B networking among SMEs, fostering valuable connections and collaborations within the business community.