1. SME Connect is a Europe-wide network and communication platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is not an association.
  2. Only organisations that subscribe to the values of the network and represent SME interests and/or have a direct relationship with SMEs can become members of SME Connect.
  3. The members of the network share the common values of the Honorable Merchant. These include sustainable business practices that benefit society, share a positive commitment to Europe, competition, and trade, as well as research and innovation.
  4. Within this framework, members represent their own, independent positions.
  5. SME Connect provides an organisational structure, helps members network with each other, and supports member development and their joint activities.
  6. All members in the SME Connect network are equal; there are no votes or majority decisions. SME Connect activities are driven by the decision of individual members to participate.
  7. SME Connect thereby aims to promote awareness of relevant economic and political developments, and the diversity of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  8. All stakeholders willing to exchange ideas not only “about” but also in cooperation with SMEs are invited to join the network. We also provide individual SMEs that prefer to participate without fixed association structures the opportunity to get involved in the Brussels environment or large companies to interact with the network Members.
  9. Individual companies can join the network through the European SME Business Club (ESBC) or Friends of SMEs (FoS), depending on their size.
  10. ESBC or FoS Members cannot start Projects or Working Groups; they can, however, join existing projects and working groups and contribute and share information, ideas and perspectives with them.
  11. The board members, as well as the experts, are supporters of the SME Connect idea. They can express their personal perspective and share recommendations to the network members, as well as take over the patronage of events, working groups or initiatives. They perform their honorary functions completely independently of the network members.