Exploring emerging markets as the eminent growth factor for Europe

In the context of President von der Leyen’s ‘geopolitical’ European Commission, emerging markets like Africa and India are ripe of untapped potential. By shifting the paradigm away from aid and towards investment, emerging markets can actively steer their developmental trajectory, while reducing poverty at the same time. Moreover, participating in international trade will open up new markets as well as promote access to capital, all the while being embedded in global supply and production chains facilitates bilateral technology flows and knowledge transfers. The merging of different expertise and market characteristics makes the perfect framework for innovation and the creation and delivery of original products and services. Thanks to these exchanges in the production sector, local SMEs and workers can benefit from more and better opportunities to further their education and develop additional skills and capabilities.

For these reasons, the working group Emerging Markets seeks to enhance and strengthen the existing partnerships between Europe and such high-potential markets. Only through strategic cooperation on both political and economic matters, we will be able to fully realize the potential of Europe and global economy as a whole.



    CEO Srita Heide Int. - Indo-European Business Advisor
    Member of the Consultative Committee Industrial Change of the European Social and Economic Committee
    Special Representative for Diversity with the SME Europe of the EPP

  • Co-chair for Latin America PROF. JAVIER FIZ PEREZ

    Vice-President of Core Values Org
    President OISERS - Ibero-American Observatory for the Sustainable Development of the Real Economy
    President of IC. Lda
    Prof. at the European University of Rome