Tourism, Travel and Mobility Management: destination - recovery

Freedom of movement, something we took for granted until this past years, plays a central role in today’s increasingly connected world. For Europe, tourism, travel and mobility, however, also mean economic development, employment opportunities, knowledge sharing, access to new markets and products, new consumer values, environmental awareness, and socio-cultural integration. New research findings prove that ‘know-how’ mobility is critical to economic growth. Business travel plays a key part in that process.

With the combination of leisure, culture, nature, expos and much more, Europe offers a high-quality experience to travelers throughout the globe. Small- and Medium Entrepreneurs contribute largely to the success of Europe’s touristic, travel & mobility sectors. As tour operators, restaurateurs, hoteliers, taxi drivers etc., they provide the necessary infrastructure for a thriving industry and create economic prosperity and employment opportunities in many European regions.

The mobility sector is undergoing, however, a drastic and fast-paced change. With digitalization as well as sustainability and climate change awareness, this sector needs to adjust and reflect an increasingly interconnected, environmentally sustainable world. In addition to pre-existing challenges, this sector has been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 crisis, causing a fundamental shift for the industry. To facilitate this transition, mobility needs to be an integral part of the recovery strategy.

European SMEs are ready to embrace these challenges but need the support of policymakers to survive and thrive. The working group Tourism, Travel and Mobility aims to be a network for stakeholders to constructively contribute to a digital, green and sustainable transition of the mobility industry in order to ensure the competitiveness, prosperity and sustainability of one of Europe’s most important sectors



    Member of the European Parliament
    Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
    Committee on Transport and Tourism
    Committee on Regional Development
    S&D Group Shadow Rapporteur for the ITRE Committee on the European SME Strategy
    S&D Group Rapporteur on Short-Term Rentals Regulation

  • Special Advisor for Tourism, Transport and Mobility CLAUDIA SCHMIDT

    Councillor for Building and Construction in Salzburg 2009-2014
    Member of the European Parliament 2014-2019
    Committee on Transport & Tourism
    Committee on Regional Development