Empowering European citizens

A global shift in work dynamics calls for embracing the new workforce, challenging existing models, and adapting to entrepreneurial trends, contract work, and self-employment. To support citizens taking initiative, we require effective policies and improved access to finance. Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit is crucial for sustaining the well-being of the European economy and achieving sustainable, inclusive growth. Entrepreneurship and self-employment offer flexible pathways for those outside the formal labor market, providing opportunities for professional fulfillment. There is a pressing need for enhanced European legislative and policy initiatives to foster entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The ambitious objective of promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment aligns with the empowerment of European citizens, integral to the key competences outlined in pan-European development strategies for lifelong learning. Combining this initiative with digital skills training enables the unemployed to engage in the gig economy, unlocking access to improved job opportunities. This approach empowers individuals to become micro-entrepreneurs, contributing to their self-sufficiency and overall economic participation.

Our Working Group on Entrepreneurship, One-Person Companies & Self-Employment, aims to serve as a network for entrepreneurs and the self-employed, advocating for a more supportive environment on a European scale to pursue their business opportunities.



    Member of the European Parliament
    Committee on Budgets
    Committee on International Trade
    Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
    Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality
    Chair of the SME Intergroup in the European Parliament

  • Co-chair MARIA GRAPINI

    Member of the European Parliament
    Vice-Chair of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
    Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
    Committee on Transport and Tourism

  • Co-chair and Special Advisor for One-Person Companies JASMIN LEHETA

    OPC-Entrepreneur; Owner of "Jasmin Leheta Styling"

  • Special Advisor for Platform Economy and Future of Work GLEN HODGSON

    Founder and CEO of the think-tank Free Trade Europa; Founder of the Freelance Movement