Collaboration for Change:
Empowering SMEs in European Defence

Innovative SMEs are integral to the EU Defence Industry. However, they encounter numerous barriers to participating in defence procurement, especially across borders. Russia’s attack on Ukraine has triggered a paradigm shift as countries reassess their defence strategies. Additionally, global dynamics are evolving rapidly, necessitating Europe’s response to heightened global competition. This has underscored the need for improvements in existing structures and processes while concurrently implementing new ones. Organized efforts are underway to engage SMEs in this endeavor.

The objective of this working group is to unite SMEs and pertinent stakeholders to form a consortium of entrepreneurs representing the defence sector and military suppliers. Leveraging our expertise in products, services, and markets, we seek to enhance the regulatory environment within the European Union. B2B interactions are of equal importance to us. By joining forces, we facilitate market access and streamline funding initiatives. Collectively, we strive to serve as the primary resource for medium-sized companies in Europe’s defence industry.


  • Spokesman of the Working Group MARKUS BECKER

    Director Business Development for IBV Holding GmbH