SDG6 & Africa:
Clean Water, Sanitation, Recycling & Agriculture

On Friday 3rd of July, SME Connect in association with VTA Austria GmbH, organised a compelling online-event titled “SDG6 & Africa: Clean Water, Sanitation, Recycling & Agriculture” to highlight the current situation in African countries and the urgent need for a more circular approach to ensure clean and safe water for everyone. With a strong…

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#PlatformEconomy 📲

Digital Transformation & Taxation: Opportunities & Challenges

On June 18th, the Taxpayers Association of Europe in coordination with SME Connect and SME Europe of the EPP led a Webinar titled “Digital Transformation & Taxation: Opportunities and Challenges” in order to discuss the future of taxes on digital services, their impact on SMEs and their role in a framework of global competition. The…

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SME Connect Deutschland 🇩🇪

Eurobonds, Coronabonds, Schuldengemeinschaft –
Europas Scheideweg?

Am 17.Juni fand das SME Connect Webinar “Eurobonds, Coronabonds, Schuldengemeinschaft – Europas Scheideweg?” mit dem zentralen Thema Wiederaufbauplan der Europäischen Kommission „Next Generation EU“ statt. Kooperationspartner waren der Europäischen Steuerzahler Bundes (TAE) und der Europäischen Wirtschaftssenats (EWS).     Moderator Dr. Stefan Gehrold, Sonderbeauftragter fĂĽr Wirtschaft und Währung bei SME Connect, begann dieDebatte mit dem letzten Urteil…

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#Health&Nutrition 🥬

The Role of Nutrition
in Cancer Prevention

On Tuesday, June 09 the first discussion, part of newly established SME Connect´s  Initiative Healthy Lifestyle at Work & Home led by Working Group on Health and Nutrition, took place to explore the role of nutrition in cancer prevention while highlighting the SME sector with the participation of Tanja Milin Horvat, Public Health, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices, foodstuffs, GMO…

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#PlatformEconomy 📲

EU Ex-Ante Platform Regulation –
Which Way Forward?

On Tuesday June 2nd, SME Connect hosted in collaboration with SME Europe a webinar titled “EU Ex-Ante Platform Regulation – Which Way Forward?” to facilitate a constructive discussion on competition law and its implementation in the field platform regulation. The webinar showcased high-level speakers such as MEP Andreas Schwab, Member of the Committee on Internal…

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