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Private Sector Partnerships – a Missing Key to an Effectual EU SME Strategy

Digitalization of Europe’s SMEs is making progress – just far too slow. Clear time limits must be laid down and best practices put to use. The EU SME Strategy aims to boost digitalization of European industry with a special attention to the traditional sectors, SMEs, and regional disparities; by mobilizing existing instruments along with the…

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Tax Transparency
& Fairness in Cashless Economy

  On Wednesday, December 16th, in cooperation with the Taxpayers Association of Europe and the European Economic Senate, SME Connect organized the Webinar “Tax Transparency & Fairness in Cashless Economy” in order to highlight the importance of a sustainable, transparent and fair financial policy and tax system to put a stop to Tax evasion, money…

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EU-Africa & Farm to Fork Strategies 2020: How to square ambitions with the UN Sustainability Goals

For reaching the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger (SDG2) in Africa through joint efforts, the EU must address the challenges of nutrition and food security by boosting a safe and sustainable agri-food system globally. In line with SDG 2, this involves supporting small-scale farmers and equal access to land, technology and markets. It also…

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Case Studies on Rare Disease Therapies Development – A Laboratory of Ideas for European Innovation Leadership

While the Roadmap of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe focuses on European leadership and independence in pharmaceutical manufacturing, the EU should also enhance its ‘’innovation leadership”. Biopharmaceutical small to mid-sized companies and startups represent a laboratory of innovation and their potential should be nurtured by a forward- looking and predictable European ecosystem that encourages leading-edge…

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Digital Payments Post-COVID: Impact on the Economy and EU Policy

COVID-19 has undeniably disrupted our everyday life and longstanding social conventions, methods of payment included. With the risk of contagion associated with banknotes and physical contact at point-of-sale, the use of electric payments has risen for in-person transactions even where previously cash was traditionally preferred. It’s now time to follow up on the digital transformation…

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