The Role of SMEs in a Sustainable Water Policy in Europe & Beyond


With the European Commissions’ Fitness Check of the Water Framework Directive now in process – we would like to take the opportunity to discuss the role of SMEs in the field in order to contribute to the vision as well as gain understanding of the truly future-oriented water policies and the role of Small &Medium Sized Enterprises in them. Moreover, in the eve of our upcoming Forum “STOP Extremism” we would like to focus on how Water Policies are able to help stabilizing and fueling economies of the EU neighborhoods and prevent the spread of Extremism.

The European SME Business Club and SME Europe of the EPP commit themselves to involving small and medium sized businesses in a constructive and productive dialogue with key political, administration, civil society, science and economy stakeholders. Both organizations are working towards the production of SME friendly legislation and smart regulation, the dismantling unnecessary bureaucracy, the strengthening of entrepreneurship in society, as well as the promotion of research and investment in Europe.