The Global Future of Water: from SDG6 to SDG14

On March 19th SME Connect, in cooperation with the “European SME Business Club Working Group SDG6”, hosted a Working Session in the premises of our office followed by a Working Dinner in the European Parliament on the “Global Future of Water: from SDG6 to SDG14”.

The Working Dinner hosted by Dr. Paul Rübig MEP (President of SME Connect and Vice-Chair of STOA) brought together our Members and Cooperation Partners for the third time to discuss the practical aspects of the EU Water policy and how SMEs can contribute.

Our speakers and guests at the Working Dinner: Massimo Di Bella (President of the European SME Business Club Working Group “SDG6”), Ulrike Rabmer-Koller (President SME United, Vice-President Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, CEO Rabmer Gruppe), Srita Heide (President of the European SME Business Club Working Group “EU and Emerging Markets”, CEO Srita Heide Int.), Prof. Piet Lens (Professor of Environmental Biotechnology at the Pollution Prevention & Resource Recovery, Department of Environmental Engineering & Water Technology of the IHE Delft), Durk Krol (Executive Director of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform WssTP), Augustin Perner (Vice-President of the European SME Business Club Working Group “SDG6”, CEO Probig GmbH), Johannes Pfaffenhuemer (Executive Director of the “Water for Life GmbH), Dr. Horst Heitz (Secretary General of European SME Business Club), Josef Schneitl (GIS Aqua Austria GmbH), Matjaz Belca (Riko d.o.o.), Szemerey Tamas (EURO-PURATOR Kft.), Zdravko Ilic, Director of the Representative Office in Brussels at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Pia Nieminen, Policy Advisor European Investment Bank and others.

European hidden champions, are market leaders that often are not well known by the general public. These small and medium size businesses focus on niche markets that they dominate at a national, regional or even global scale. Water industry is one of those niches where many European companies have proven technological leadership. Discussing the role of SMEs in a Sustainable Global Water policy gave another necessary input to achieve our goals and establish a really future-orientated water policy. Both the dedication and experience of our exciting guests created an interesting and mind-widening discussion.

On the next day the Group participated at the “Water Market 2019” Conference of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform followed by a meeting with Member of the European Parliament Andor Deli.

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