Tourism, Travel & Mobility Working Group of SME Connect is launched! 🧳

Together with the Chair of the Working Group Josianne Cutajar MEP and its Special Advisor Claudia Schmidt, we aim to become a network for stakeholders to constructively contribute to a digital, green and sustainable transition and most importantly, secure tourism post-pandemic recovery.

At today’s meeting with the representatives of the Deutscher Tourismusverband, Rote Hahn, Hotelverband Deutschland (IHA) & HORTEC, European Regions Airline Association, Amadeus, Uber and more we looked at how to foster cooperation between Member States to design a harmonized approach to help EU tourism sector; how to facilitate access to funding opportunities and give practical advice to businesses; how to reinstate the freedom of movement across Europe via digitalization, data sharing and technology.

Learn more on the Tourism, Travel & Mobility Working Group here: LINK