SMEs will succeed through simple, clear and consistent rules

SMEs will succeed through simple, clear and consistent rules

Jul 18, 2017

Rapporteur Christian Buchmann about smart regulation for SMEs. It is not secret that SMEs are one of the biggest engines of growth and jobs in Europe, creating 2/3 jobs within the Union. However, SMEs are unfortunately in many cases hindered in their growth due to a excessive regulation and an inconvinente amount of red tape. Nevertheless, the Committee of the Regions (CoR) has been trying to improve the Better Regulation Agenda or the Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme, to reduce obstacles for SMEs when procuring public contracts. public procurement contracts. The CoR is also working in allowing SMEs easier pathways to SMEs to tap into the EU´s long term regional- development instruments.

As member of the CoR, Christian Buchmann said,

Red tape reveals itself as high administrative burden, incoherent requirements and overlapping or contradictory rules – and they have a much greater impact on SMEs than on larger firms. (…) Therefore an SME-friendly regulatory environment is an essential precondition for establishing and developing successful businesses and generating more jobs and growth in Europe. Purely, the concept of smart regulation means delivering EU policies and laws that bring the greatest possible benefits to businesses, citizens and public bodies.