Launching the Healthy Lifestyle
at Work & Home Initiative

The Healthy Lifestyle at Work & Home Initiative was founded by SME Connect and its network members Taxpayers Association of Europe, the European Economic Senate and the Burnout Network. The initiative was launched in Brussels in 2020, as part of the European plan to combat cancer and fight Covid-19. Its linchpin lies on the overall well-being with a special focus on nutrition, exercise as well as physical and mental health.

People are becoming more health conscious, but at the same time more and more non-communicable diseases are also on increase such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. This is first and foremost a personal limitation, but it is also a burden on the economy and society.

Since we spend one-third of our day at work, this is where we want to make a difference. In doing so, we focus on the group of employers who have often not yet exploited their potential for their employees: the small and medium-sized enterprises.

ā€œHealthy Lifestyle at Work and Home” brings together employers and employees from different sectors as well as stakeholders, experts and associations to inform about healthy nutrition, physical activity and mental health at work and at home. Together, we want to explain possibilities and provide valuable tips on how employers can contribute to maintaining and strengthening the quality of life, performance, health and motivation of their employees. The offer also applies to self-employed and salaried employees who are interested in health tips and suggestions.

The initiative is open to new members and cooperation partners who wish to participate and contribute individually to this project. These can be SMEs, health- or sports associations, as well as citizens’ initiatives, foundations, companies or academic institutions etc.

Join our initiative to tackle the megatrend of unhealthy lifestyles. Together change is possible!