Waste Oil- and Fat Use
in the EU Transport Sector:
Promoting the Most Efficient Use
of Limited Raw Material

Although animated by good principles, the current blending mandate within the European Commission’s RefuelEU proposal may have negative consequences for the entire ecosystem.

It may lead to over-reliance on waste oils and fats that are critical for the 2025-2035 period: as waste oils and fats from the maritime and road sectors are diverted towards the aviation sector, there will not be enough waste-based and advanced biodiesel technology for plants to continue their operations. As a result, these plants, mostly located in rural areas, will be forced to shut down with a significant loss of jobs. Additionally, within the context of the road and maritime sectors, the use of waste and oils is generally more efficient and leads to higher GHG savings that their use in aviation. At a systemic level, thus, the EU transport system could be negatively impacted – lower GHG savings – by the prioritization of waste oils. 

Ultimately, to achieve the objectives, we should focus instead on directing investment towards developing technologies using scalable feedstocks such as alcohol-to-jet, fischer-tropsch and efuels, while creating a level playing field between all transport sectors and existing legal instruments such as ReFuelEU, FuelEU and REDIII.

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    TRAN Committee;

    EPP Group Coordinator in the TRAN Committee


    Mechthild WĂ–RSDĂ–RFER (tbc)

    Deputy Director-General, DG Energy, European Commission

    Ales HILCER (tbc)

    Attaché, Agriculture and Environment, Agriculture, Unit Climate and Transport Emissions, Permanent Representation of Czech Republic to the European Union

    Angel Alvarez ALBERDI (tbc)

    Secretary General, European Waste-based & Advanced Biofuels Association – EWABA 

    Markus PIEPER MEP (tbc)

    TRAN Committee; Rapporteur “Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive” REDII

    Søren GADE MEP (tbc)

    TRAN Committee; Rapporteur “ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative”

    Detlef EVERS (tbc)

    Secretary General, Mittelstandsverband abfallbasierter Kraftstoffe e.V. (MVaK)

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    Dr. Horst HEITZ

    SME Connect Steering committee Chair

    Executive Director with the SME Europe of the EPP


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