The Energy Potential of the Baltic Sea: Is There a Space for a Regional Innovation Valley and Closer Cooperation Among the Countries of the Region?

The Baltic Sea evolves to a greater economic and geopolitical importance for the countries of the region. The energy potential of the Baltic Sea offers prospects for further development and better cooperation between Poland, the Baltic and Nordic countries. Natural resources as well as regional wind conditions and tides bring the incentive for the analysis of investment opportunities in the Baltic basin in numerous areas. At the same time, in the dimension of energy and physical security, we identify many more challenges that somehow force cooperation between the democratic countries of the region. Will the Baltic Sea have a common industrial and energy policy? Does the Baltic Sea have a chance to become the largest regional innovation valley under the Net Zero Industry Act?
  • Welcome & Closing remarks

    Riho Terras MEP

    Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

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    Jarosław BRODA

    Board Member, Baltic Power

    Frank UMBACH

    International Consultant and Expert for Global Energy Security, Geopolitics & Security Policy


    Head of Policy Positioning & Public Funding
    Global Public Affairs, Vestas

    Ronald LIESKE

    Director of the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat, Interreg Baltic Sea Region

    Dr Horst HEITZ

    Secretary General of Taxpayers Association of Europe

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    Tomasz Wroblewski

    President, Warsaw Enterprise Institute