Unlocking Potential: Solopreneurs Advancing Europe’s Economy

Solo entrepreneurs continue to carve their path in the European business landscape, contributing to economic growth, fostering innovation and adapting to the ever-evolving market dynamics. Yet, many one-person companies encounter barriers in accessing resources and support critical to their success, hindering their ability to fully unleash their potential. In this discussion, we aim to delve into the challenges faced by solopreneurs, ranging from administrative burdens to limited access to funding. Additionally, we will explore actionable strategies that address work-life balance, long-term goals, navigating the regulatory landscape, and advocating for solopreneurs' rights. How can we actively engage one-person companies in policy discussions and cultivate a more supportive environment for entrepreneurship to flourish in Europe?
  • Welcome

    Sandra Parthie

    President of the EESC’s Section for the Internal Market

  • Opening

    Milena Angelova

    Member of the EESC, Vice-President of SGI

  • Keynotes and Debate

    Bonifacio Garcia Porras

    Head of Unit SMEs, DG GROW, European Commission

    Giorgia Calvaresi

    Vice-President of the Junior Enterprises Europe

    Amelie Baracat-Empereur

    Director EU Government Affairs Herbalife

    Elin McCallum

    Director and Co-Founder of Bantani Education – The EntreComp Community

    Dieter Michael Grohmann

    Artist & Filmmaker

  • Moderated by

    Dr. Horst Heitz

    Chair of the Steering Committee at SME Connect


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