Re-opening the Net Neutrality Debate:
Telco Fair Tax and Consequences for SMEs

Konstantinos KomaitisThe past years have highlighted the need for stable, reliable, and fast internet connection for both European citizens and businesses alike. Re-opening the Net Neutrality debates and asking for additional fines to be imposed on digital platforms would create burden and harm fast growing European scale-ups and SMEs, especially in those fields that are most innovative, like the digital, creative, fintech and healthcare sectors. The consequences for SMEs could be multiple. Firstly, their traffic could be included in the cloud traffic of big tech companies and, thus, subject to the new content tax. Additionally, SMEs might end up having to negotiate contracts with each and every Telco in every country and Member States they want to operate in, in order to deliver their traffic. This would also be in direct contradiction with ongoing efforts of EU policymakers to support economic recovery and resilience of European SMEs.
  • Welcome & Moderation

    Michal BONI

    Member of the European Parliament 2014-2019; First Minister of Administration and Digitalisation of Poland; Senator of SME Europe of the EPP

  • Opening

    Miapetra KUMPULA-NATRI MEP (tbc)

    D-US and ITRE Committees; ITRE Rapporteur on a European Strategy for Data

  • Keynote Speakers

    J. Scott MARCUS (tbc)

    Senior Fellow, Bruegel; Senior Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEE)

    Konstantinos Komaitis (tbc)

    Member New York Timesā€™ Data Governance Team; Former Senior Director, Internet Society

    Thomas LOHNINGER (tbc)

    Executive Director,

    Ann BECKER (tbc)

    Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Interactive Software Federation Europe


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