Polluter of Growing Concerns:
Pharmaceuticals in Ground and Drinking Water

This online event will bring together actors of the pharma and wastewater treatment sector and policymakers to highlight the impact of pharmaceuticals in water and treatment alternatives to ensure safe and clean drinking water for European citizens. To treat diseases in animals and humans effectively, we rely on the access to safe pharmaceuticals. Simultaneously, pharmaceuticals cause emerging problems of pollution with increasing risks to the environment and human health when consider antimicrobial resistance. Through manufacturing, usage and disposal, residues enter the surface and groundwater. They have also been found in animal tissues, soils and accumulated in plants across the EU. Especially antimicrobials, painkillers, hormones like contraceptives and antidepressants are chemical residues found in drinking water. As the industry and policymakers drive for innovation, it might improve the facilitation of wastewater treatment to endorse greener and smarter manufacturing which impacts the elimination of pharmaceutical residues.


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