Reshaping Industries:
Understanding the EU’s ban on PFAS and its impact on SMEs

The EU is planning the biggest substance ban ever, which will have serious impact for the entire economyIt is about substances that are still widely used today, colloquially known as “perpetual chemicals” (PFAS). These chemicals can be found in tens of thousands of products.

It is crucial for SMEs to stay informed about PFAS regulations as it affects producers as well as direct and indirect users. We can efficientlyĀ support this through collaboration with industry associations, companies, experts, and exchanges with decision-makers.

The questions we will tackle at our event include the scientific status of the topic, the possible economic effects, innovative possible solutions and how the whole issue should be classified politically. Last but not least, all listed above is indeed particularly examined from the perspective of SMEs.

  • Welcome & Moderation

    Dr. Horst HEITZ

    Chair of the Steering Committee at SME Connect

  • Opening

    Christian Doleschal MEP
    Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
  • Keynotes

    Kristin SCHREIBER (TBC)

    Director for Chemicals, Health, Retail and Agrifood at DG GROW, European Commission

    Markus SUSNIK

    Advisor to the Secretary General on Chemicals Policy at SMEunited; Expert for Chemicals Law and Politics at Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

    Dr. Roland Appel

    Deputy Managing Director at Bavarian Chemical Associations

    Holger Kunze (TBC)

    Director at VDMA European Office

    Nathalie Moll (TBC)

    Director General at European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

    Martin SAECKL

    Public Affairs Manager at Daikin Chemicals



    ENVI, ITRE Committees