Kick Off Digital Virtual:
Join the Journey to Becoming the Largest Europe-Wide VR/XR Community.
Connect, Network, Pitch Your VR Business Use Case

This event marks the beginning of an exciting journey as SME Connect proudly announces the establishment of our new Digital Virtual Working Group. The series of these interactive webinars aim to empower SMEs to seize digital opportunities and thrive in today's fast-evolving landscape. We warmly welcome you to join our engaging virtual sessions designed for SMEs, entrepreneurs, and their supporters. Within this initiative, we bring together industry leaders and tech experts to discuss trends, share insights, and address challenges in the digital landscape. We offer valuable knowledge on emerging technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), collectively known as extended reality (XR). These technologies offer significant business opportunities in product development, customer experience, training, and collaboration. It is crucial to support SMEs in the European XR market, which is poised for significant growth. Join us for this online event if you're interested in staying informed about the latest digital trends and key legislation; exchanging expertise to enhance your business operations; building a Europe-wide network, showcase your services; collaborating with like-minded professionals dedicated to innovation and growth in the digital era.  Do you want to pitch your own Virtual Reality business use case? Join the Digital Virtual Working Group and get on the roadmap to success! The insights and ideas generated in this webinar will be further developed and refined in preparation for our in-person event in the European Parliament in Brussels in autumn 2024.
  • Welcome and Opening

    Dr Horst Heitz

    Chair of the Steering Committee of SME Connect

  • Keynotes

    Moritz Diehl

    Co-Chair of the Working Group Digital Virtual

    Special Advisor for Digital Transformation

    Co-Founder & CFO at Menter World

    David Olim

    Co-Chair of the Working Group Digital Virtual

    Special Advisor for AR, VR, XR

    Co-Founder & CEO at FootAR

    Hans Hoefnagels

    Co-Chair of the Working Group Digital Virtual

    Special Advisor for Digital Innovation