How Policy Ambition
& Big Business Action
Help Re-Starting the Economy
for SMEs

SMEs form the basis for a healthy and fair economy. The Covid-19 pandemic has put many of them under pressure. Not only they are faced with specific economic challenges, but find themselves exposed to novel contexts, as how to maintain production of goods and services and have them timely delivered Ā to customers. Large businesses can be highly important to manage the crisis & revitilize SME growth.   Indeed SME development can be hampered, especially through late payments. But the downsides go in hand with major benefits when large and small businesses interract.   Being an accredited supplier can enhance visibility and guarantee revenue streams to small firms. Large companies are of assistance when it comes to upskilling SMEs and improving their work processes, driving innovation in the economy or providing a re-seller platform, or training future entrepreneurs who in turn set up their own companies. In return, Ā SMEs and self-employed are indispensable customers, vendors, suppliers and innovative partners for bigger firms. Both need each other for a successful future.   Such cooperation needs to be backed by an effective SME policy in order to maximize its leverage. This webinar will showcase concrete practices Ā and examples and provide guidance for future policies that make a difference.


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