How to drive Europe’s Green Transition in Mobility

The European Union's goal of becoming C02 neutral is also associated with enormous economic and innovative efforts in mobility. These lie not only in the vehicles but in innovation and further training, the concept and implementation of the infrastructure, planning of mobility in cities and rural areas, as well as meeting the demands of consumers and the economy. Last but not least, it is also about being quick, efficient and sustainable achieving climate goals. With experts from business, we want to cover this complex topic as comprehensively as possible, assess the steps that have already been decided politically and which further ones are needed. The contribution of the economy should also be examined and what role SMEs can play here.

  • Welcome & Moderation

    Horst HEITZ

    Chair of the Steering Committee at SME Connect

  • Opening & Closing Remarks

    Barbara THALER MEP (TBC)

    TRAN, D-IN, IMCO, DEEA Committee

  • Keynotes


    Director General at DG MOVE

  • Interlocutors

    Remco SAMUELS

    CEO at EVBox

    Mihai Dragos CIOBANU

    CEO at EV Connect

    Jaclyn McQuaid (TBC)

    President and Managing Director at General Motors Europe


    Vice President and Head of EMEA Mobility at Uber

    Folker FRANZ (TBC)

    Head of Policy & Public Affairs at Volta Trucks


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