Innovation Talks –
The Future of Protein

Protein is essential for both humans and animals and is, therefore, an indispensable component in food and feed consumed on a daily basis. Although protein-crop production in the EU has improved over the last 10 years, there continues to be a significant shortfall in domestic production. Those were the conclusions of the European Parliament's Own Initiative Report approval on 19 October 2023 hinting on a clear need for a comprehensive EU protein strategy to enhance protein potential and developing plant-based and alternative protein for food and feed.

Ahead of the European Commission's ongoing work on its Protein Strategy expected in the first half of 2024, and the recent International Protein Day on 27 February, we are launching the first of a series of three events, aimed to look into the critical intersection of innovation, tradition, and implementation, especially by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in shaping the future of protein consumption.

Understanding the role of protein in a healthy diet is crucial, with up to 30% of daily calorie intake derived from sources like soybeans, poultry, fish, and eggs. As consumers increasingly make sustainability-conscious and health-driven decisions, adapting to their behavior becomes paramount, guiding a pathway towards more sustainable and healthy diets.

  • Welcome

    Dr. Paul Rübig

    Member of EESC; Member of EIT Governing Board

  • Opening

    Lorena Savani

    Mission Lead for Healthier Lives Through Food at EIT FOOD

  • Keynote

    Prof. Mark Fenelon
    Head of Food Programme at the Teagasc Food Research Centre
  • Food Industry Voices

    Prof. Pietro Paganini

    Co-Founder and Curiosity Officer at Competere

    Alexander Anton

    Secretary General at European Dairy Association

    Andrea Bertocco

    Director Scientific Affairs EMEA at Herbalife

  • Moderation

    Dr. Horst Heitz

    Chair of the Steering Committee at SME Connect