From Farmer to Consumer:
Rising Prices and the Effects on Production, Nutrition and Health

The food sector, from farmer to retailer, is challenged by the economic transformation, EU regulations, and especially in these times by the energy crisis. With the fact of rising costs of production, also more and more people are trying to save money by reducing costs for their diet. A Development which leads to a tougher competitive environment, so the food sector becomes even more under economic pressure with this trend. On the other hand, there are additional concerns, thatĀ by saving on their food spending, consumers decreaseĀ the quality of their healthy diet. This evolution impairs the goal of a healthier European Union and leads to additional costs for example in the health sector. This complex constellation requires a sophisticated societal response that, in addition to sustainable food production, must also include aspects of cost for food manufacturers and affordability for consumers, as well as education about healthy eating for society.


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