Getting Back To Work: How Diversity Helps Paving the Way out of the Economic Crisis
– Debate with Jeffrey Goh, CEO Star Alliance

Quoting the survey made by the European Commission back in 2005, diversity policies make good business sense in 83% of the companies which have adopted them. Diverse teams, enterprises and communities have strong economic powers and strategic potential in terms of productivity, creativity, problem-solving and innovation. For single businesses, it helps enhancing the company's reputation as well as their standing in the local community and globally. The above-mentioned survey also demonstrated the geographical differences of implementing workplace diversity policies showcasing companies in the north and west of the EU having wider use of and experience in diversity policies and those in southern Europe and the recently joined EU Member States stressing their need for more information on how to develop them. We believe the time has come to pick up on the topic again and discuss how successful European businesses have been, also in crises phase, in diversifying their teams and leadership and how prepared are corporates and SMEs to get back on their feet and contribute to the economic recovery as well as succeeding in global competition.


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