EU Emissions Trading System –
Reforms towards the Future

The European Emissions Trade Scheme was intended to be an economic stimulus to reduce the emissions of the economy. However, the experience of recent years, as well as econometric analyses, indicate that it has become a perfect environment for speculations, that resulted in a price bubble on the market. Should financial institutions be excluded from the system? If so, is this the only change that should be made? Should the ETS be expanded in the line with Fit for 55 package? These and other questions we would like to attempt answering during the debate.

  • Jerzy Buzek MEP

    ITRE Committee, European Parliament

  • Jos Delbeke

    Professor, Chair on Climate Change Policy and International Carbon Markets, European Investment Bank

    Marcin Nowacki

    EESC Member; Vice President, the Union of Entrepreneursā€™ and Employers

    Hans Wolf von Koeller

    Head of Energy Policy, STEAG GmbH

    Prof Jan Deja

    Chief Executive of Polish Cement Association; AGH, University of Science and Technology

    Antoine Hoxha

    Production and Agriculture Director, Fertilizers Europe

  • Dominika Taranko

    Director of the Energy Forum, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers


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