Navigating change:
The Digital Markets Act and its real economy ripple – using the example of the hotel industry

The Digital Markets Act is a pivotal regulation recently adopted by the European Union to foster competition and fairness in the digital economy. While the DMA primarily aims to regulate the dynamics between Big Tech and their competitors, such as alternative app stores or search engines, its impact extends significantly into more "traditional" economic sectors. Notably, the DMA seeks to change the way online search engines present search resultsā€”a crucial gateway for businesses like retailers, flight carriers, and hotels to reach potential customers.Ā  During this event, we will explore how to strike the right balance between the interests of aggregators, real economy actors, and consumers. How can the DMA become a success for everyone? We discuss it at the example of the hospitality industry with a focus on SMEs.
  • Welcome & Closing remarks

    Josianne Cutajar MEP

    Member of ITRE, TRAN and REGI Committees; Board Member of SME Connect; Chair of SME Connect Working Group on Tourism, Travel and Mobility

  • Statements

    Georgios Mavros

    Senior Manager, Public Policy & Government Relations EMEA, Google

    Markus Luthe

    CEO of IHA (HotelVerband Deutschland); Member of the Executive Committee at HOTREC

    Velit Dundar

    Vice President, Global Ecommerce at Radisson Hotel Group

    Annalaura Gallo

    Director for European Affairs at EU Travel Tech

  • Moderation

    Dr. Horst Heitz

    Chair of the Steering Committee at SME Connect