Business Leadership to Accelerate Clean Energy and Sustainable Transport

Meeting the goals of the European Green Deal to reduce emissions by 55% by 2030 will take strong commitments and investments by the private sector. Committed companies of all sizes are already leading the way to accelerate the decarbonization of the power and transportation sectors – and they are partnering to go even faster. Through corporate Power Purchase Agreements, businesses have enabled new wind and solar projects across Europe. Others are now investing in new technologies to decarbonize hard to abate sectors, such as long distance and heavy duty transportation. SMEs are a critically important to achieve this. With this debate we will hear from SMEs that are leading the way on this effort, learn examples of successful partnerships in the private sector between small and big enterprises as well as discuss the policies that are helping them move faster and the ones which may be slowing momentum.
  • Welcome & Moderation


    Chair of the Steering Committee of SME Connect

  • Opening


    TRAN & ITRE Committees

  • Keynotes

    Herald Ruijters (tbc)

    Director of Innovative & Sustainable Transport DG MOVE European Commission

    Kara Hurst

    Amazon Worldwide Vice President of Sustainability

    Tarvo ONG

    Founder and CEO of Fusebox Energy

    Bram Claeys

    Senior Advisor on Energy and Electricity at Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)


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