Britain and the EU –
What Will Their Relationship Be Like After the Divorce?
And how are SMEs impacted?

The deadline is fast approaching to come to an agreement about the rules that will govern the new UK-EU relationship post-Brexit. Deal or no deal - businesses need to be well prepared for change. Even so, many SMEs on both sides of the Channel remain in the dark on crucial fronts. A trade deal would lift much of the doubt, but it is feared that companies will still need to wade through reams of new red tape and will be required to commit resources that are already stretched due to the pandemic. And are national governments and national institutions even prepared to put into practice what their leaders decide? To discuss the current state of Brexit negotiations and their odds SME Connect UK will bring together Anthea McIntyre, former MEP for the West Midlands and business woman, with Dr Paul RĆ¼big former MEP for Austria, SME Connect President and member of numerous pan-European business groups. Tune in to get informed!


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