Innovation Talks –
Empowering Small Farmers:
The Central Role of AI in Future Agriculture

Is AI the seed of innovation, resilience, and prosperity for Europe's small and medium-scale farms? By tapping into AI technologies, farmers can boost their production, make farming more sustainable, and manage the challenges of modern agriculture more efficiently. However, many farmers face obstacles in affording and accessing AI tools, hindering its widespread use. Therefore, EU's agricultural policy must promote innovation and knowledge transfer in all areas in order to provide the agricultural production system with the appropriate tools to face the new production and environmental challenges. Our event delves into the transformative potential of AI technologies for small-scale agriculture, examining various factors such as innovation, emerging trends, and politics. We'll explore the future landscape of agriculture, including precision farming and smart agriculture, and discuss how these advancements can significantly benefit small farmers. By optimizing resources, improving yields, and reducing operational costs, these innovations promise to revolutionize small-scale farming. Join us as we uncover the exciting opportunities that lie ahead and explore how small-scale farmers can leverage AI to thrive in the ever-evolving agricultural landscape. Discuss with us the path towards a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future for small-scale agriculture.
  • 09:30-10:00 Breakfast & Networking

  • Welcome

    Piotr Całbecki

    President of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region (PL), CoR rapporteur on “The Future of the Common Agricultural Policy”

  • Opening

    Orestis Trasanidis

    EIT AI Community Coordinator – EIT Digital

  • Keynotes and Debate

    Evangelia Mourmoura

    Team Leader on Digitalisation in the Unit of Data Governance at DG AGRI, European Commission

    Josse de Baerdemaeker

    Scientist and Professor at the KU Leuven, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Division MeBioS

    Michael Bruniaux (TBC)

    CEO & Co-founder of Sencrop

    Filip Cnudde

    EMEA Herbicides, Seeds & Biotech Regulatory Team Leader at Corteva Agriscience

    Jürgen Vangeyte (TBC)

    TEF Agrifood Node leader & Scientific Director of ILVO’s Agrifood Technology department

  • Closing

    Josianne Cutajar MEP

    ITRE Committee,  Opinion-rapporteur on the AI Act and shadow-rapporteur on the Path to the Digital Decade report

  • Moderated by

    Dr. Horst Heitz

    Chair of the Steering Committee at SME Connect


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