SME Connect supporting the SME Star Awards 2018 Ceremony

SME Connect supporting the SME Star Awards 2018 Ceremony

Apr 21, 2018

The SME Star Awards were recently established with the initiative of the Board of the SME Europe of the EPP represented by the acting Members of the European Parliament. It was them who observed best SME cases as well as institutions or organisations supporting them all over Europe in their home regions, and nominated most exemplary ones for eight class categories. Over one-hundred SMEs were nominated from Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Austria, Latvia, Slovakia and Ukraine. These nominees are now to be judged on their attitude towards cross border cooperation, competition, and of course whether the nature of their concept is deemed to have potential to be successful and make a positive impact on the EU economy.

During the Ceremony on October 17th the winners of all categories are going to be announced and awarded by our esteemed Board Members. Every winning SME will still compete for the main prize– the SME Star Award Winner 2018 that will be voted LIVE during the show.

With this event we would like to make a difference and create a magnificent occasion which seeks to bring SMEs into the Brussels spotlight, and thus mobilizing SMEs to push themselves above and beyond. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the valuable commitment of so many decision makers to European SMEs throughout their entire career.

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