Digital Services Act:
Where Are We
and Where Do We Go?

Any regulatory framework that sets out to oversee the digital ecosystem and its continuous transformation needs to be as future-proof and forward-looking as possible. The upcoming Digital Services Act is the opportunity for the European Union to create horizontal rules that ensure economic growth, consumer protection and innovation. Because of the diverse size and scope of this online landscape, a one-size-fits-all approach would be counterproductive and, instead of levelling the playing field between digital players, risks to overburden smaller actors. This would hinder competition and innovation on a systematic level. Conversely, with European values such as transparency and accountability as guiding principles, a tailor-made approach could contribute to making the current digital markets fairer for SMEs and entrepreneurs and more open to innovative business models and ideas. This webinar sets out to gather an expert panel of institutional actors, policy-makers, industry stakeholders and SME representatives to discuss the latest status of the DSA and exchange opinions and perspectives to create a European blueprint of regulatory framework fit for the digital age.


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