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The Year Ahead
2021 – Growth Through Change

Episode 1: The Customer of the Future, the Inner City, the Hybrid Retail..

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The defining role of retail in the inner city seems to be called into question as shoppers find inspiration online. That is spelling big problems for mall chains and traditional corner shops, fighting a market in which people are already buying less and demanding more personal and convenient ways to shop.

The new shift brings us to hybrid models for retail business. This means that the stores are active online and offline

Stationary retail should be made future-proof through online activities. And since online retail is also subject to growth limits, internet-rooted businesses must expand towards the analogue by setting up showrooms.

The year ahead puts the spotlight on the inner city and the transformation it is undergoing in terms of  social and economic interraction. How can public policy support this transition journey and make the most of it? 

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