Working Group

European Union & Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets are the most important growth factor for the global economy. These markets play an important role for the supply chain of European Companies and are becoming an important market for European goods and services. This development would not have been possible without strong collaboration with SMEs in Europe and organizations in the emerging markets. They supply each other and large enterprises, develop products for the end consumer and are employers to many people, especially in rural areas. So, they automatically contribute to development policies and politics.

However, SMEs face issues that hinder their expansion – e.g. less knowledge, lack of information and finances, missing distribution channels, weak global networks and infra-structure etc. Compared to large enterprises, SMEs take time to explore opportunities in new markets. Several market entrance barriers restrain their full potential. The Working Group “European Union and Emerging Markets” of the European SME Business Club is working closely in cooperation with different public and private stakeholders to observe, analyse and support finding solution to challenges, that restrict SMEs from profiting fully in a globalized world and be part of the successful growth in the emerging markets.

  • President Srita Heide CEO SRITA HEIDE INT. Indo-European Business Advisor
  • Vice-President Harald Sigl Corporate Communication & Public Affairs Münzer Bioindustrie GmbH