Public Private Partnership
As Key To Effectual EU SME Strategy: Sharing Tangible Practices & Initiatives To Trigger & Train SMEs for the Digital Era

- @Virtual Discussion

The European Commission is boosting digitalisation of European industry with a special attention to the traditional sectors, SMEs, and regional disparities. The main challenge is to reach, activate, teach, and guide SMEs through the digital transformation. This is why, we believe, Public Private Partnerships Initiatives can be key in digitalising SMEs due to to their…

Case Studies on Rare Disease Therapies Development –
A Laboratory of Ideas for European Innovation Leadership

- @Vitrual Discussion

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Digital Payments Post-Covid:
Impact on the Economy & the EU Policy

- @Virtual Discussion

COVID-19 has undeniably disrupted our everyday life and longstanding social conventions, methods of payment included. With the risk of contagion associated with banknotes and physical contact at point-of-sale, the use of electric payments has risen. It’s now time to follow up on the digital transformation in this field by developing an adaptable regulatory framework and…

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EU-Africa & Farm to Fork Strategies 2020 : How to square ambitions with the UN Sustainability Goals?

- @Virtual Meeting

This event will emphasize the African perspective on the global transition of the Farm to Fork Strategy to ensure the access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food for all citizens and better protection of natural ecosystems to also build up resilience to possible future diseases and pandemics.

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Fighting Tax Evasion
& Organised Crime in the EU

- Roundtable

In the European Union, every year huge sums of potential tax revenue are lost through tax evasion. According to estimations of the European Commission this is around € 1 trillion. Tax evasion, limits the capacity of European Countries to implement their economic and social policies, leading to cuts in public services and to slower economies. This…