16h30 - 17h45

EU Ex-Ante Platforms Regulation – Which Way Forward?

- @Zoom Webinar

In the post-COVID 19 world, the EU has an opportunity to seize the full potential of the digital sector, increasing the benefits for consumers, while fostering a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Competition should be at the heart of this European strategy, driving companies to enhance customers’ experience, facilitating market access to new…

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The Role of Nutrition in Cancer Prevention

- @Zoom Webinar

During the coronavirus pandemic, the fight against cancer and its prevention cannot be neglected. As cancer patients face high mortality from communicable diseases, it is vital to develop evidence-based prevention strategies to reduce cancer risks overall. According to the World Health Organization, between 30–50% of cancers can currently be prevented by avoiding risk factors, such…

Self-Employment in Europe: What’s Now & Next?

- Virtual Roundtable

As part of its emergency support package, the EU has put in place a temporary instrument SURE. However, a prolonged shutdown of all non-essential economic activities may require additional resources to support such schemes. Looking beyond the pandemic, plans for the next day should aim to use all tools in our disposal to create jobs and strenghten…


Digital Transformation & Taxation: Opportunities & Challenges

- @Zoom Webinar

Together with the OECD, European institutions have expressed a renewed interest in creating a Digital Service Tax to make existing taxation systems fit for the digital age. Placing higher taxes on digital corporations, however, may not necessarily be motivated by principles of fair taxation, as it does not take into consideration the richness of the…